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Looking Backward and Looking Forward

Looking Backward…In 2016, Lakeside expanded it’s PROJECT SERVE hours and contributed 424 man-hours of service in the of Christ. We started new partnerships and increased our mission’s communication efforts. I hope this is just the beginning …

Looking Forward… We have a couple of exciting things to announce Lakeside members. We have put together a great tool to help you find a local/state/national/international opportunity to serve and make disciples. I call it our Lakeside Missions Brochure. There are copies in the kiosk in the Atrium and a digital copy in this blog post. This is a new way to communicate some of our ongoing mission’s opportunities so think of this as a working document. I hope it changes every year with more and more opportunities for people to serve. See me, Roy Berryman, or Dana Hubbard for more information.

MissionsLakeside participated in a couple of neat ministries recently and I want to tell you about them. In October, The RA’s and GA’s (Royal Ambassador’s and Girls in Action) organized a food drive at Lakeside and contributed a truck load of food to the UAB Apartment Ministry. If you are not familiar with this ministry, the BBA and lakeside are partnered to offer low-cost rent to patients with long term medical needs. This food pantry is the hands and feet of Jesus to many people who are struggling with financial burdens from long term illness. The group also cheered up the patients by singing and serving a meal to them.

In December, Lakeside Choir participated in Untitled-1a special Christmas service and meal for the ladies of the Olivia House (court appointed rehab facility). This special Christmas service featured our choir, the Christmas story, and a message on the meaning of Christmas. Additionally, Lakeside provided resources to fund gifts for these ladies and their children. We partnered with Christ Frist Community Church, led by Pastor Amos Crews. Amos spearheaded this effort and asked us if we could help. Amos and Mrs. Crews can make a mean pan of dressing by the way…

Lakeside youth also got involved in some missions activities recently as they went to help out at the Lovelady Center in December. Lakeside youth helped with the Santa Shop at the Lovelady Center. The Lovelady Santa Shop is a collection of donated gifts for the children at the Lovelady Center. The 450 women enrolled at the Lovelady Center represent 750 children who needed a Christmas. Lakeside Youth collected, sorted, wrapped, and helped the ladies pick gifts for their children.


Looking forward… Please be aware of a great way to help Lakeside invest in our local community with PROJECT SERVE – Lakeside Loves Rocky Ridge happening Feb. 14-15. See me, Roy Berryman, or Dana Hubbard for more information. Also, help our youth out by attending and contributing at our youth missions banquet scheduled for February 26th.

July/August Mission Updates

Rocky Ridge Elementary is right across the street from Lakeside. The teachers, students, administration, and associates of the school are literally our neighbors. Jesus tells his disciples very clearly to “love your neighbor.” Jesus wasn’t speaking just about proximity when he said “love your neighbor.” But, what better way to start than with our neighbors across the street. Lakeside has had a long standing relationship with Rocky Ridge, but it’s weakened over the years. That’s why we are re-emphasizing the ways that we can serve our neighbors and love them at Rocky Ridge. We have 3 ways we are re-engaging with the school. First, we want to lift our neighbors up in prayer. On July 31, 2016, Lakeside had a devoted prayer time for Rocky Ridge Elementary. I have included the prayer guide we used as a template for ways you can pray throughout the year for Rocky Ridge. Prayer is probably the most important way we can serve our neighbors because we draw on divine resources. However, we want to tangibly show our neighbors we love them as well.

Rocky Ridge Prayer

On August 10, 2016, Lakeside sponsored a BBQ teacher’s luncheon for approximately 80 people from Rocky Ridge. This is another step to show Rocky Ridge how much we care about them. I, Roy Berryman, was able to give the blessing over the food and share a few words with the people of Rocky Ridge. We were well received and all of the associates of at the school enjoyed their lunch. We are looking forward to getting to know and serve Mrs. Springfield. We especially thank Dr. Uswatte for the opportunity to be at the school and show our support.

Finally, we have many elementary school classes sponsored, but we still need a few more Sunday School classes to step up. This partnership gives us a chance to get to know the teachers and bless their classes on a more intimate level. There will be opportunities throughout this year for Lakeside to love Rocky Ridge and support them. Check out the BIG thank you note we received below.

Rocky Ridge Thanks Front
Rock Ridge Thanks Back

I am very excited about the trajectory of Lakeside’s partnership with Rocky Ridge.

If your Sunday school class is not sponsoring a Rocky Ridge class or maybe you would like to take on one individually. Please see me, Becky Akers, or Kay Lindsay.

Finally, we have many elementary school classes sponsored, but we still need a few more Sunday School classes to step up. This partnership gives us a chance to get to know the teachers and bless their classes on a more intimate level. There will be opportunities throughout this year for Lakeside to love Rocky Ridge and support them. Check out the BIG thank you note we received below.

June Mission Updates

On May 21, we had 17 people Project Serve Juneparticipate, from senior adults to 5 year olds, in PROJECT SERVE with the BBA Metrochangers. We had a great time serving in our own “Jerusalem.” We demolished 3 decks and dug the post holes for the new decks that will have wheelchair ramps. BBA Metrochangers is focused on serving low income home-owners in the Birmingham area and we were able to help prepare for the new construction that the World Changer groups are doing in the month of June.

Coffee June


On June 26, the Rutland Sunday School class served in our Java and Journey Ministry. The Rutland class had great participation and were able to bless the homeless who gather for worship on Sunday mornings with a gourmet cup of coffee and the love of Jesus.


Pam Barnes collected toiletry items for the Women’s Prison Ministry in June and plans to bless the many ladies with Lakeside’s participation through the Sunday school classes. Around 100 bags were turned in for this ministry.

The week of June 20-24, Lakeside partnered with Camden 1Camden Christian Way to serve their church primarily through a VBS. In addition, the Lakeside team helped re-paint desks, bookshelves, and walls in Camden Christian Way’s school. Let me tell you about Camden Christian Way…This is church with an average attendance of 30 on Sunday morning, but they serve their community as if they had 100 members. They are led by a very humble pastor, Charles Autrey, who everyone from Lakeside enjoyed getting to know. He is the Pastor, Headmaster of School, maintenance coordinator, administrator, Camden 2and many other hats. But, he does it all with joy! We had 102 kids and teenagers attend VBS the first night at a 30 member church. Pastor Charles led his church to invite kids from all over the community and they responded. We had a blessed week getting to know these kids and teaching them God’s Word. The mission team brought Lakeside’s SUBMERGED VBS supplies and materials down to Camden and served as many of the teachers in the classes. We as a mission team noticed several great things through this experience. First, there is a great mission field right within our state! A 2 hr drive had fields white onto harvest for God to use Lakeside. We are commanded to go to all nations with the gospel and this what we typically think about for mission trips but, we are also called to serve in our “Judea” and this trip was a neat way to do that. Second, we saw the power and long term benefit of partnering with another local church for missions. Camden 3We served 1 week, but the people of Camden Christian Way can follow up the next 51 weeks with these families. 4 other local churches also helped out as they donated vans to transport the kids from various parts of the community to the VBS. The week itself was a testimony to the body of Christ working together to share the gospel. The most joyous moment of the trip for me was seeing the great response to the gospel on family night. There are atleast 30 kids out of the 100 who will receive further follow up discussions from Camden Christian Way from elementary to high school ages.

PLEASE pray for the kids who responded to the gospel in Camden that their parents would be open and receptive to what took place in their heart and that they would be baptized and discipled.


We have another PROJECT SERVE day with the BBA Metrochangers July 23. No skills required. All ages welcome. We will meet at the church at 7:30 am and be back around 12:30 pm.

Missions Blog
May 21, 2016

PROJECT SERVE is this Saturday, May 21, 7:30 am – We will be doing demolition work on some old porches and decks to make way for wheelchair ramps working with the BBA Metrochangers. Save the date for July 23 when we will do PROJECT SERVE with Metrochangers again. Speaking of the BBA, This week is the Birmingham Baptist Association week of prayer for association missions. You may not know this, but the BBA has a role to play in many ministries such as starting new churches, UAB Medical Apartments, Metrochangers, and many more. Join me in praying for these ministries and their leaders this week. Also, you may not know this, but Steve White from Lakeside is spending time as a BBA Mobilization Leader helping churches connect with ministry opportunities. Especially pray for Steve and his efforts to see more people actively involved in missions. For more information on how you can pray this week, go to www.bbaonline.org/weekofprayer.

On Sunday May 15, the college went to participate in Java and Journeys from Lakeside. Special thanks to the Wednesday night ladies bible study group that made hygiene bags to give out as well. We already have a class signed up for the month of June. Who’s class will help this ministry in July? See the April blog for a list of needed items as well.

If you have been thinking about the Family Mission Trip time is running out…We will have our team meeting June 5 after the 10:30 service and we will leave June 20th for Camden, AL for a week of ministry. This is a very affordable missions opportunity contact me royeberryman@gmail.com for more details.

I have a neat story to share with you all about Lakeside missions. As many of you know, Lakeside is active ministering at the UAB apartment ministry where we provide low cost housing option for long term patients and caregivers of UAB. Typically, on the third Wednesday of the month, we take dinner, provide a bible study, and also have prayer time with the residents. What you may not know is that the Hollis Sunday School class takes day old Panera Bread food items down to the apartments once a week. So as they were taking the food down this past week, they struck up a conversation with a lady in the elevator and she asked what church they were from. They responded, “Lakeside”, and the lady in the elevator responded I know someone who goes there. Turns out, the lady in the elevator is my Aunt, who is the caregiver of a member of my family at UAB currently. How amazing to see Lakeside local missions making a difference in our community! Especially when they are blessing your family with food and ministering to them.

April Missions Updates
April 25, 2016

Lakeside had a busy month ministering in our local community. Let me share with you a few things that took place this past month. Yesterday, April 24, Pastor Greg gave us a great sermon on a Church Committed to the Mission. The sermon hit home by showing us a biblical example of the Antioch community concerned about lostness and taking a chance in their approach to make a difference for Christ. Then in the evening service, we got to hear testimony from people who served in Guatemala. God has really blessed this ministry to Guatemala and I am told we had more support through donations this year than ever. How is God calling you to be involved in Lakeside missions? Contact a ministry leader or myself (royeberryman@gmail.com) if you would like to be more involved in missions at Lakeside. We also learned about the enemies of mission yesterday, we can fill our lives with good things and miss the great things!

Project Serve

We had PROJECT SERVE again at the Lovelady Center on April 9. We renovated 1 more room and made some minor improvements to 2 others. It was neat to go back where we had previously ministered on March 30 and have people recognize Lakeside and say “Thank You” for the contributions we made. These ladies are seeing their lives transformed by Jesus and it is great to help in any small way at the Lovelady Center. The next PROJECT SERVE is May 21 with the BBA Metrochangers, we will be doing house repairs for low income families in Birmingham. All Volunteers are welcome. Start signing up in Atrium this Sunday, May 1.

Java and Journeys


On April 10, Java and Journeys (our homeless ministry) served at Linn Park again. The Young Professional’s and Young Married Sunday school classes sponsored this time, making and serving coffee to the homeless. We also got to spend some time getting to know a few of them. Around 110 free cups of coffee were served in the name of Christ. Would you like your Sunday school class / bible study group to be involved? We are looking for classes to sponsor this ministry once a month. Also, we are in need of many hygiene and misc. items to package and distribute to these men and women. Donations can be made to the Pastor’s office and I will get them distributed. See the list below…

J and J missions

  • Razors
  • AA & AAA batteries
  • Reading glasses can be purchased at Dollar Tree
  • Travel size shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and lotion
  • Tuna, Vienna sausage, Potted meat, Slim jims
  • Crackers, Cereal bars, Fruit/pudding cups
  • Bottled water and Pouch drinks like Capri Sun

UAB Apartment Ministry

Our UAB Apartment Ministry is still going strong thanks to the leadership of many people at Lakeside. Bill Ponder is one of the key leaders of this ministry. Lakeside runs two of the apartments at the UAB Townhouse. This ministry in conjunction with the BBA provides a low cost lodging option for patients and caregivers of UAB with long term medical needs. I visited this ministry Wednesday April 20th and got to lead the bible study. On the third Wednesday of the month, Lakeside brings dinner down to the apartments and leads a bible study and prayer time. Additionally, the Lakeside Women on Mission (WMU) have made this ministry there focus for the year. Just this past month, they took up donations for toiletries and amply supplied the Apartments for months to come. The testimony from individuals involved and blessed by this ministry are truly amazing. One lady, Naomi, and her son, Michael, have had two stay at UAB for over two years waiting on a transplant at one of our furnished apartments. Pray for healing for this family. This ministry truly meets a need and our local community is blessed by it. Would you or your class like to be involved? Contact Bill Ponder at wfp181@aol.com. Here is a picture of what the apartments look like…


Prison Ministry

On Sunday April 24, I got to participate in the Lakeside Prison Ministry. Members of Lakeside go to the Hoover Jail on the Fourth Sunday of the Month and lead a worship service for the inmates. This was my first time ever inside of a jail! We have a 1 hour time slot, where we can pray with them, talk with them, and share the Gospel. I preached an evangelistic message about the grace of Jesus changing people’s lives, that we all make mistakes, but there is hope in the gospel. All of the inmates listened attentively and we are praying for fruit in their lives. This is a great ministry that needs more volunteers. We currently have two teams that rotate once a month; therefore, if you can commit 1 Sunday school hour every two months it would be greatly appreciated. Andy Plemons (andyplemons@charter.net) would love to have you share your testimony, lead a song, or share the gospel with these guys. Also, you will be back in plenty of time for the 10:30 worship service. Andy tells me that very often people accept Christ in the Hoover Jail!!!

Updates and Announcements

We still have spots left for our Family Mission Trip to Camden, AL June 20-24 to help with VBS and light construction/repair around the church.

We are still looking for interested people for a India Mission Trip (Supporting Monica Maxwell) in late Oct / early Nov.

Also, as I mentioned yesterday during worship our Rocky Ridge Elementary ministry is kicking up again. We need Sunday school classes to sponsor classes at Rocky Ridge helping with supplies and encourage the teachers. Additionally, we have planned to sponsor a teacher’s luncheon and Prayer walk the school coming up for the start of the next school year. See myself, Becky Akers, and Kay Lindsey for more information on helping our neighbors across the street.

Project Serve Update
March 30, 2016


On March 30 2016, we had our first of six PROJECT SERVE days at Lakeside. 40 people spent all or part of the day at the Lovelady Center helping out this great ministry. I read this verse during my devotional the next day… “We who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak, and not to please ourselves.” (Romans 15:1) When I read this verse, it brought to mind the precious people at the Lovelady Center. It would be easy for us to look down on them, but that would be wrong. God has begun the process of transforming many of them into women of God. In fact, the Lovelady center has an 87% success rate! We got a chance to transform 5 rooms on the first floor, which is where people first enter the program. Caleb, Brittney, and the youth made great wall art with bible verses to create a great environment for the loveladies. Some ladies in our great got to minister to the loveladies by painting there fingernails and giving them some 1 on 1 attention. We capped the day by leading their Wednesday night worship service. I got to preach on Psalm 107. Psalm 107 teaches about God’s deliverance. I exhorted and encouraged the ladies to seek God’s deliverance in their lives because we can’t fix the problem of sin, Satan, and eternal death we need Jesus to deliver. The Psalm is also worship-filled as the writer recounts the many times God has delivered in his life.

Here is a typical wall when we got to the room…



“Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble,
and he delivered them from their distress.” (Psalm 107:6)

Lakeside Missions Updates and Announcements (week of April 4, 2016)

  • PROJECT SERVE continues Saturday April 9 we will be at the Lovelady Center in Birmingham, AL from 9a -1 p. We have a host of small projects lined up for these days and expect a lot of interaction with the loveladies as we serve them and their ministry. Save the date for May 21, July 23, and August 13 for more PROJECT SERVE opportunities. I hope you will consider joining us.
  • Mission Trip Opportunities are here! A very afforadable family oriented trip ($300 max/ family) is planned to help a church in Camden, AL with light construction and VBS. Additionally, we are gauging interest for a mission trip to India to help former Lakeside member Monica Maxwell. Contact royeberryman@gmail.com for more information.

Lakeside Missions
Updates and Announcements
March 21, 2016

As we enter the HOLY week, we often can become introspective in contemplating the glories, sorrow, and love of the gospel that has saved us. The bible says, “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth” (Col. 3:2). Easter sets our minds where they should be, but our minds don’t stay there. Paul then continued in ch.3 and 4 of Colossians to talk about the new life Christians must live because of the gospel. Lakeside’s missions opportunities are chance for us to live out the life of service that God has called us all too. See below for updates and announcements.

Prayer Ministry AdPROJECT SERVE began in 2015 as 3 days of local missions projects during spring break. While 2015 was a successful beginning to PROJECT SERVE we have revamped it hoping to make it more productive and accessible to all member of Lakeside. Therefore, PROJECT SERVE will be our ministry name for our future all ages, all hands on deck, local mission days. We have six such days planned so far for 2016, The first two – Wednesday March 30 and Saturday April 10 – will be at the Lovelady Center in Birmingham, AL. We have a host of small projects lined up for these days and expect a lot of interaction with the loveladies as we serve them and their ministry. There will be a shuttle from 8 am until noon, but the best option is to meet us over there so that you can leave as needed. Save the date for March 30, April 9, May 21, July 23, and August 13 for more PROJECT SERVE opportunities. I hope you will consider joining us.

There will be a second 2016 mission trip interest meeting on Sunday April 3rd following12322904_10156562279250214_8571540714529943553_o the 10:30 AM service in B-205. We are actively looking for people to help these trips be a success. If you would like more information see our previous blog post and contact me, Roy Berryman  (email link below).

Java and Journeys is set for April 10th and May 15th. We have two Sunday school classes already lined up to help out these two Sunday’s. God is already doing a great work among our Sunday school classes to help support this ministry. Would you like to sign up your class to help? See our previous blog entry for more information.

2016 Missions Opportunities
Stateside and Abroad

March 17, 2016

Lakeside has 3 mission trips planned for this year. Unfortunately, the Guatemala trip deadline has passed. Luckily, we have two more opportunities for Lakeside people to be involved in going to make disciples. So here is the scoop, we are planning an all ages (especially families) VBS trip to Camden, AL. This trip is part of a partnership effort through the Birmingham Baptist Association (BBA). Lakeside’s Steve White (BBA mobilization leader) has been coordinating an effort to help this often overlooked area of our own state. We plan to travel down to Camden, AL Monday the 20th and return late Friday the 24th. The church we are partnering with is also in need of some light construction work which we will help with. We might even have an afternoon adventure or two to some nearby historic sites. Approximate cost including most meals will be $300 (this has not been finalized yet).

The third trip is a POTENTIAL trip to India. Many of you know or have even helped and worked with Monica M. I have been in contact with her recently and she told me about many great opportunities for Lakeside to partner alongside her. Monica has mentioned potential opportunities include helping with her sewing ministry, discipleship, VBS, humanitarian help, sports camps, medical clinics and health training, and evangelism. We have not decided upon the nature of the trip as of yet. We would like to see the passion and interests of those who may want to come first and then we can decide what is best. This trip would potentially take place late October to early November.

We are having an interest meeting for these trips following the March 20 5pm service. If you can’t make it, but you are interested in hearing more please contact me and I will make sure you aren’t left out.

Java and Journeys
Missions in Downtown Birmingham

March 7, 2016

On Sunday March 6, 2016, Lakeside kicked off a new homeless ministry. Robert and Tracy Cole own a mobile coffee service and they graciously volunteered their very own premium roasted coffee and equipment to begin this new ministry. We are calling it “Java and Journeys” to symbolize that we not only want to show God’s love to people with a great cup of coffee, but we also want to get to know them and share God’s word with them. The main support for this new ministry also came from the Ladies Bible Study that meets on Wednesday nights at Lakeside (B-202 at 6 pm). These ladies have supported the ministry by making 50 hygiene bags to give to the homeless as well. (BTW…The 50 hygiene bags were distributed in less than 10 minutes!) I barely got a picture.

Java 1
Java 2

Java and Journeys distributed close to 100 cups of coffee during this time with help from 4 members. When one thinks about homeless ministry, it is easy to do nothing and be pessimistic because a cup of coffee can hardly change the course of someone’s life. The great thing about this ministry is that we are partnering beside an existing long term homeless ministry through this effort. One local church provided biscuits next to us. After breakfast, there was a very celebrative worship service at 8 am. We have just begun this new adventure and have not advertised it much yet. But, Java and Journeys needs your support to continue. We plan to go the first Sunday of the month to Linn Park next to City Hall from 7 am to 9:30 am. Ideally, we need around 6-7 people each month. If you would like to be involved by donating hygiene products, serving coffee, or talking with our new friends contact myself (royeberryman@gmail.com), Tracey Cole (readinglady@me.com), or Rebekah Posey (rebekah.posey@gmail.com) for more information. Additionally, if you would like to support Robert and Tracey Cole’s coffee business (BTW…It’s great coffee!). Check out their website: http://heygotcoffee.com/.