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Welcome to Our New Student Minister

Jon and Jordan Busk


Meet Jonathan Busk

  • Age 26
  • Married Jordan on January 3, 2015
  • Both Jon and Jordan grew up in Huntsville, Alabama and attended Willowbrook Baptist Church with their families
  • Bachelor’s Degré in Christian Ministry from Liberty University; Graduated Cum Laude
  • Currently pursuing a Master of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Called to Student Ministry in high school
  • Served in Student Ministry since 2013
  • Trained and led a group of 17 college students on a four-month mission trip to Uganda
  • Eagle Scout

Excerpts from Jon's Interview Questionnaire

Jon’s salvation and call to ministry:

I grew up in the church, with loving parents who constantly showed the love of Christ to me. However, it wasn’t until 5th grade that I truly understood the meaning of a “relationship” with Christ. My conversion was built upon throughout my middle school and high school years through bible studies, church events, and most importantly: discipleship. I met with the same group and leader once a week, every week, throughout high school. Because of this, I realized the importance of community and relationships, and felt God calling me to teach this to others. I first felt called to ministry at an M-Fuge camp in high school, and lived this out through internships, mission trips, and volunteering in different youth ministries.

Jon’s philosophy of student ministry:

As mentioned before, personal discipleship is a big focus on my approach to ministry. When the church follows a true discipleship model, every person involved should begin to disciple a group themselves. When we start to teach this to students, we are teaching the future church how to live as Christ lived.

The idea of discipleship plays out into all aspects of our Christian and daily walks of life, but specifically, it speaks into reaching, teaching, and sending out.

To reach students, I visit schools, sporting events, and host big events. I encourage students to reach out to their peers, and equip and train them on how to do so. We learn why it is important, and so much more than simply “bringing a friend to church”.

Jon’s ministry beyond the church walls:

Lastly, a large part of my ministry philosophy involves teaching and leading students to be servants; within and beyond the local community. Missions is something we are called to participate in, and I encourage and equip students to serve with the gifts that they have.

Words of Commendation

“I did not know Jonathan while I served at Whitesburg, but once he arrived there I heard glowing reports of his work with their students. For his age, Jon has a wealth of valuable experience in student ministry in two different churches with large, excellent student ministries. In addition, his wife, Jordan, is heavily invested in student ministry and is a wonderful compliment to Jon’s ministry. Even though we considered around 40 candidates to some degree and interviewed multiple candidates, Jon kept rising to the top at each point. Along with our personnel committee, I wholeheartedly endorse this recommendation.” 

Dr. Greg Corbin

“Jon has a heart for missions and student ministry which was evident each time I spoke with him. I look forward to seeing how his energy and passion for Christ will be used to grow Lakeside’s youth.” 

Heath Harmon, Personnel Committee Chairman

“Jonathan has a direct calling and passion for Student Ministry. I asked him what one thing excited him most about working with students. He said, ‘Being able to see the moment when students “get it” – the moment when they truly realize the meaning of God’s love and our calling to share that love with others.’ Jonathan has a heart and strong background in missions in which he has worked at home and overseas sharing the love of Jesus. His desire is to instill that passion in students not simply through teaching but by providing opportunities for students to put their faith into action.

“Jonathan and Jordan are truly a ministry team. They both have a strong love for students and are completely invested in pouring themselves into the lives of students.” 

Preston Moore, Personnel Committee Member

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