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Weekday Education

About Us

It is the purpose of the Lakeside Baptist Church Weekday Education Ministry to assist parents in the social, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development of their children.  It is our belief that a Christian environment enhances this developmental process.  Believing that all children are special in God’s eye, with individual personalities, our goal is to create an atmosphere in which each child will grow and learn to his or her full potential.  Our program is based on Christian theology and a sound educational philosophy.

We believe in love, laughter and learning at Lakeside by nurturing self-confidence through creative activities and exploration of the world around us.  We believe this is accomplished by offering exciting challenges for the children, with the least amount of pressure. It is our prayer that we are effective in supporting our parents through this ministry program, and that we will be a service to our community.  We are hopeful our parents will become a part of the Lakeside family and feel welcome to come to our church in times of crises.


Lakeside has installed a state of the art Security System complete with cameras and magnetic locks on all doors entering the Preschool Department.  Each family will be issued a security card for entrance into the facility when needed during regular school hours.

Carpool numbers are given during Orientation.  When picking up your child, your carpool number will be matched to the child you are picking up.

All of our teachers have undergone criminal background checks and are highly recommended by those who have worked with them and know them.  Each teacher is certified in CPR.  Lakeside has a wonderful staff who love working with children.

Hours of Operation

School hours are from 9:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Extended hours are available for morning and afternoon.

Extended Care Hours

Session 1:  7:15a.m. – 9:25a.m.    $5.00 per day

Session 2:  1:30p.m. – 3:00p.m.   $4.00 per day

Session 3 :  3:00p.m. – 4:30p.m.   $4.00 per day

Aside from beginning date (September 1st) and ending date (third Friday in May) of school, Lakeside Weekday Education basically follows the school calendar for the Hoover School System with a few exceptions.

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Regina Houser

Director, Regina Howell Houser has a diverse background that will bring much to the program.  She has a bachelors and a masters degree in Elementary Education and a Masters of Divinity from a Baptist seminary.  She taught in public schools for nine years, taught and was a missionary in Guatemala for two years, and taught Spanish in a private school in Texas for 4 years.  She served as a Camp Director for ten years as well.  She would love to talk with you and minister to you in whatever way possible.

To contact Regina you may call 205-313-2930 or email at rhouser@lakesidebaptist.com.