Life Groups


Connecting @ Lakeside



Sunday Morning at Life Groups @ 9:30

Robert Shepherd                                                                       Meeting in Courtyard Side of the FH

Bob Hollis                                                                                    Meeting in the Gym

Evans/Gardner/Hammond (Hybrid)                                     Meeting in Room D-103        

Don Roberts (Median Adults)                                                 Meeting in Room E-205

Holland Class (Men)                                                                  Meeting in Room E-202 

Thacker (Men) March 21                                                           TBD

  Thweatt (Men) April 11                                                              TBD

Singles (Moody)                                                                         Meeting in Room E-206

Sanderson Class                                                                         Meeting in Room E-100

Steve & Brenda White Class                                                   Meeting in Room E-201

Rutland Class                                                                             Meeting in Playground Side of the FH

Combined Young Adults                                                        Meeting in Room E-203

Collegiate & Young Professionals                                         Meeting in Room E-211

Young Collegiate & Career (Plemons/White)                    Meeting in Room E-109

Virtual Life Groups

Visit for access to our virtual Life Groups.

Combined Young Adults (Hybrid)                                      Sunday at 9:30 AM

Evans/Gardner/Hammond (50-78) (Hybrid)                     Sunday at 9:30 AM

Sterling Class (Co-Ed 59-79)                                                 Sunday at 9:30 AM

Akers/Jones (Co-Ed 41-71)                                                     Sunday at 9:30  AM

Judy Stoppelbein (Ladies 58-84)                                        Sunday at 9:30 AM

Wednesday Bible Study at 10:30 AM @