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Come Join Us!

Every Wednesday starting at 6:15pm up in the student area! We would love to see you there! Bring a Bible and a Friend!!

Lakeside Students

Lakeside Student Ministry exists to provide students the opportunity to Belong to a family of students, Become mature followers of Christ, and Engage others with the Gospel. At Lakeside, students from across the Metro Birmingham area to connect with other students and Life Group leaders that help them learn God’s Word and discover His desires for their life.

New to Lakeside?

The Lakeside Student area is on the second floor of the Christian Life Center. The best way to enter the student area in from the back parking lot. This is where we gather on Sunday mornings for Life Groups and Wednesday evenings for Mid-Week Worship.

The Strength to Stand Conference is designed to offer a well-balanced, intense experience that will challenge your students to go beyond the surface of casual Christianity and bring them into a lifetime commitment to Jesus Christ. Born of a vision to see thousands of students congregating in the Great Smoky Mountains these conferences are designed for students yearning for a deeper, more effective relationship with Christ. In addition to discipleship, students will be given the opportunity to respond to the Gospel. We make no apology in confronting lost students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Date: January 15-17

Cost $150 per student