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July 3, 2020


Lakeside family,


Getting back to worship together on campus has been a great blessing – even with the precautions we have to take. Hundreds of our church family still gather with us online each Sunday. As I have said often, we are one church family gathering in two different ways. To God be the glory! 


For those of us gathering on campus, you have likely heard that Jefferson county is now under a mask order for businesses and indoor activities. In keeping with this mask order, we are now asking everyone eight years old and above to wear a mask when attending our services. 


We do appreciate the fact that Jefferson county left it up to each church’s discretion. However, we feel it is important that our Lakeside church family do no less than businesses and other venues in order to help the virus situation. We want to do everything we can to help keep people safe while on our campus. As we have each Sunday since re-opening we will have disposable masks available anyone who needs one. Thank you in advance for your understanding and your cooperation. I love you all. 


Your Pastor & Friend,


Greg Corbin

Returning to Worship at Lakeside –  June 7, 2020  @ 8:30 and 10:45


We are absolutely excited about returning to worship onsite and in-person on Sunday, June 7, with two identical services at 8:30 and 10:45 AM.  Our goal is for both gatherings to be wonderful opportunities for our Lakeside family to celebrate Jesus and to thank Him for His provision and protection.  Our goal is also for our time together at Lakeside to be safe.  With those goals in mind, the leadership of our church has adopted the following guidelines and procedures.  For those who cannot attend, our online worship will continue @


Before June 7


1) Our facilities will have been professionally cleaned, sanitized, and prepared for worship.


2) All greeters and staff will have been trained for new procedures related to COVID 19.


3) Members will register to attend a worship service through their Sunday School classes.  If you are not connected to a Lakeside Sunday School class, register by contacting Stephanie Douglas (sdouglas [at] lakesidebaptist [dot] com or 205 313 3903) or register online at  Guests will be welcome at both services.



On June 7


1) Greeters (staff members and volunteers) will wear masks and be screened for COVID 19 symptoms.  We recommend that masks be worn by everyone who attends, and we will have some masks on hand for those who request them. Hand sanitizer will also be available.


2) We strongly recommend that anyone in the “at risk” categories for COVID 19 not attend.


3) We ask that anyone with COVID 19 symptoms or who has been exposed to COVID 19 not attend.


4) Sunday School classes will not meet onsite on Sunday mornings until August.


5) The doors will open at 8:10 and 10:25.


6) Only the Atrium doors will be open.  The back parking lot will be closed.  Parking will be available in the front on the Rocky Ridge side of the campus.


When You Arrive


1) Park in the front of the church and enter through the Atrium.  The shuttles will not be running.


2) The doors to the Atrium and to the Worship Center will be propped open to keep the morning as “touch free” as possible.


3) Please observe the recommended physical distancing and avoid greetings that involve touching.


4) Avoid gathering in the Atrium.  Move directly to the Worship Center.  A greeter will seat you.


5) Our Worship Center will be prepared for physical distancing.  Certain pews will be closed, and seating areas will be marked.


6) Families should sit together.  Sunday morning onsite ministries for preschoolers, children, and youth will not resume until later in the summer or fall.  We ask that all minors (birth through twelfth grade) sit with their parents and remain with their parents while on campus.  We will have teaching packets available for preschoolers, children, and preteens in the Atrium


7) We will not have a bulletin or time for greeting.  Tithes and offerings will be collected in boxes at the back of the Worship Center and at the Welcome Desk.


8) We will have spill-over seating space in the Fellowship Hall and Atrium.


9) The service will last about fifty minutes and congregational singing will be limited.


10) Restrooms with diaper-changing areas will be available, but the diaper-changing areas will not be supplied.  Water fountains will not be available.  Children under the age of ten must be accompanied by a parent.  Handwashing is essential.


As You Leave


1) To limit crowding, we will dismiss from the Worship Center by rows, beginning with the back pews.  Our greeters will guide you through this.


2) Please exit the building through the Atrium doors.  Please avoid gathering in the Atrium and outside the Atrium doors.


3) We will clean and sanitize our buildings between services.

May 22, 2020


As we shared last week, we will be resuming gathered worship at Lakeside on Sunday, June 7th. Needless to say, I am excited about it. It’s a first step back into some type of normalcy, even though health precautions will dictate that how we do things will be different. Let me answer a few quick questions….


When will the service times be?   8:30 a.m. & 10:45 a.m. The services will be identical. We will be contacting Sunday School classes about attending at a specified hour in order to ensure we balance the attendance. We will have overflow space available if we reach capacity and we will add an additional service if needed.


Will we practice social distancing and safety protocols?  Yes. Every other pew will be blocked off to ensure social distancing and we will be seating families as they come in so that we can help make sure social distancing is maintained. We will clean and sanitize before and after each service. We won’t pass offering plates, but rather we will have boxes available for you to leave your offering before or after the service. We won’t be passing out bulletins. While there is much more I could share, I hope this helps reassure you that we are trying to be proactive and think about details.


Will you be sharing more information before June 7th?  Yes. We will share a detailed plan of exactly what you can expect if you come to worship, no later than June 1.


Will the worship services still be available online? Yes. We understand that a large number of people may not be able or comfortable attending in person.


I hope these details help you as we all pray and prepare for this new step. Thanks for your prayers and support. I love you all!


Your Pastor and Friend,


Greg Corbin

Re-opening Ministry Plan (Phase 1 – June & July 2020)

Lakeside Baptist Church

May 14, 2020


The following plan has been approved by our church staff, Lakeside active deacons, and chairpersons of Lakeside’s Finance, Personnel, and Building committees.  We will continue to monitor developments and make adjustments to these plans if warranted.




  1. Lakeside will resume gathered worship on Sunday, JUNE 7th, with two identical worship services at times to be announced and a timeframe necessary to allow for adequate cleaning between services. Additional worship services may be added as needed.


  1. Understanding that many members of our church family will not be able or comfortable worshipping in person, we will still offer online worship each Sunday morning.


  1. Sunday School classes will NOT meet during June and July. Classes are encouraged to continue meeting by ZOOM or other digital means.


  1. Lakeside will follow the recommendations for houses of worship published by the Alabama Department of Public Health regarding social distancing, sanitizing facilities, etc.


  1. Specific details will be communicated to our church family prior to the first Sunday we gather again on JUNE 7th. Please monitor the church social media, the church website, and the e-newsletter for the most up to date information.



  1. Lakeside’s facilities will be professionally sanitized before worship resumes on JUNE 7th.


  1. Areas of the buildings used when we resume worship services will be cleaned and sanitized between worship services.


  1. Cleaning and sanitizing Lakeside facilities will be a top priority each week in preparing for Sunday worship.


  1. Lakeside will follow CDC and Alabama Public Health recommendations for cleaning and sanitizing.




  1. All activities on the Lakeside campus other than Sunday morning worship remain canceled due to health concerns and the need for sanitizing before and after all activities.


  1. There are only three exceptions allowed for on campus activities…..

a. Rehearsal / preparation for the Sunday morning worship services.

b. Some adult Sunday School classes that have not been able to meet virtually may be allowed to meet during the week at designated times in designated locations where social distancing can be maintained.

 c. Lakeside may elect to have some activities for children and/or students on campus later in the summer.

  1. All church recreational facilities remain closed due to health concerns.




  1. The Lakeside church offices will resume normal operations with appropriate safety precautions. Some staff members may continue to work from home to some degree.


  1. Due to health concerns for everyone, visits to the church offices should remain limited and by appointment.

April 30, 2020

Dear Lakeside Church Family,

In light of Governor Ivey’s changes to a Safer at Home order this week and reopening some businesses, we wanted to communicate with you again regarding a few key items. Thank you so much for your faithfulness during these days.

  1. Sunday worship services.All worship services remain online only. The new guidance from Governor Ivey still asks for no gatherings of more than 10 people. Rest assured, we are making plans for a time when we are able to gather for worship again, but we do not yet have a potential date. Please continue to worship with us online each Sunday morning at
  2. All other church activities and church facilities.All in-person church activities remain canceled until further notice. For the protection of everyone, all Lakeside facilities remain closed to everyone except staff.
  3. Church offices. Lakeside is maintaining church office hours with limited staff in order to communicate and coordinate with our church family. While some staff will continue to work remotely, other staff members will gradually begin to have more regular office hours. 
  4. Ministry needs and emergencies.All staff members have been and remain available by phone at (205) 822-1240 and email. In addition, we have created an online prayer submission form at  All prayer requests submitted in this manner will only be seen by our pastoral staff. For emergency situations after hours and on weekends, there is always a pastor on call by dialing (205) 822-1240 and following the prompts.

Your faithfulness and perseverance during these days has been a great blessing and testimony of our Lord’s faithfulness. Please know that we are monitoring developments closely, and we will quickly communicate any updates as changes come from government and health officials. We love you and hope to see you again soon!


Your Lakeside Pastoral Staff and Church Leadership

April 24, 2020

In recent days, everyone is talking about “Re-opening America” and what that looks like. Naturally, I have had questions about “Re-opening Lakeside.” We really don’t have a lot of answers right now as we await guidance from Governor Ivey and state leaders. We still do not know when we may be able to have services again. Our staff and some key church leaders have met to begin thinking through what re-opening Lakeside might look like when that time comes. While I cannot commit a time frame to you right now, I can commit to you that we will follow three principles in reopening Lakeside….

We will re-open Lakeside in a MEASURED way. We will be cautious and prudent, taking into consideration health concerns and guidance from state and local officials. Our buildings have already been cleaned and sanitized during the last few weeks, but they will be professionally sanitized before we re-open in any way. Once we re-open to any degree, the health concerns will be ongoing for some time to come. Social distancing is here to stay for a while. Caution will be in order for all of us.

We will re-open Lakeside in a PRIORITIZED way. Our first priority will be resuming Sunday morning worship. Our second priority will be our Sunday School classes/small groups. Worship and small group Bible study are the key anchor points for our church family and we must re-open in a way that keeps those elements as top priorities.

We will re-open Lakeside in a GRADUAL way. Please don’t think there is a switch that we will flip and restart everything we were having back in February. Re-opening cannot happen that way. Like business, government, education, and healthcare, we will have to open a few key areas and give some time to see how that goes before opening more. Again, CAUTIOUS and SLOW will be in order for some time to come.

While I wish I could provide more information, I hope this helps our church family understand our thinking at this point. Please PRAY for wisdom as we wrestle with these issues. No one wants to “get back to church” more than I do, but we must do it wisely and in the most safe manner that we can. I love you all.

Your Pastor and Friend,

Greg Corbin

March 27, 2020

Hello Lakeside Family –

We miss seeing you in person immensely and we pray that we will all be able to gather again very soon. The church may have left the building temporarily, but the pastors and staff of Lakeside are still here for you. Here are a few important things to know:

• Join us for online worship on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. Our Pastor has a great, timely message for us, and Chris Diffey has prepared a great worship experience. Although we can’t meet in the same room, we can meet God together as we sing the same songs and focus on the same passage from God’s Word.

• Check out Lakeside @ Home for the latest information on how our church family is staying connected and growing in our faith during this time of social distancing.

• Do you need help? Do you know someone who needs help? The Lakeside family wants to meet needs and serve in Jesus’ name. To make us aware of needs, contact Helen Mayo, hmayo [at] lakesidebaptist [dot] com

• We want to hear how God is working in your life. We want to pray with you for specific needs during these hard times. Contact Pastor Greg, pastor [at] lakesidebaptist [dot] com to share prayer needs or to share good things that God is doing.

• Your generosity is the key to helping Lakeside continue to be able to serve, make disciples, and share with our ministry partners. Go to our “Give” page to learn the best ways to give generously

As Pastor Corbin said on March 18, ” It is at times like these when we get “back to the basics” of our faith and we are reminded all over again that in Christ we have a “living hope” (1 Peter 1:3-6) that is unchanging even in these days. We love you all, and we are trusting in the Lord Jesus who will see us all through.”

March 18, 2020

Dear Lakeside Church Family,

All of us are in “uncharted waters” as we all go through the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects everywhere. Thank you for your prayers and positive spirit during these days. On Tuesday, members of your staff team and our church leadership from our deacons, finance, personnel, and building & grounds teams met together. We want to assure you that our church staff and church leadership are united and prayerful as we face these challenging days. We wanted to share some important information for you.

• Our first concern is people. We are committed to stay connected to our church family and help our church family stay connected to one another. We are committed to identifying needs and meeting them.

• All on campus worship services and church activities are canceled until further notice. We plan to provide a weekly online worship experience on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. on our church website until we are able to meet on campus again.

• Please monitor the church website, social media, and e-news for updates later this week on “Lakeside at Home” a digital initiative to help our church family stay connected and grow in our faith during these days. To sign up for email updates (e-news) text “Lakesidenews” (without the quotation marks) to the number 42828 and follow the prompts. You may also contact Helen Mayo at hmayo [at] lakesidebaptist [dot] com or (205) 313-2922.

• Beginning Wednesday, March 18th our church facilities are closed to everyone except for church staff. This precaution is for the health and safety of everyone.

• At this point, our church staff are still maintaining office hours, but they are prepared to work from home should that become necessary. Please know that our staff team is available to you whether they are physically in the office or not.

• Please be assured that our staff team has implemented stringent spending controls for the foreseeable future and making every effort to identify savings in coming weeks. Your continued, generous giving will help our church weather this event. For more information on how to give, visit

It is at times like these when we get “back to the basics” of our faith and we are reminded all over again that in Christ we have a “living hope” (1 Peter 1:3-6) that is unchanging even in these days. We love you all, and we are trusting in the Lord Jesus who will see us all through.

In Christ,

Your Pastor, Staff Team, and Church Leadership