Weekday Education

Wait list registration for 2023-24 school year will
open August 1st.

School hours are from 9:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Extended hours are available for morning and afternoon.
Session A: 7:15a.m. – 9:25a.m. $7.00 per day Session 1: 1:30p.m. – 3:00p.m. $6.00 per day Session 2: 3:00p.m. – 4:30p.m. $6.00 per day
Aside from beginning date (September 1st) and ending date (third Friday in May) of school, Lakeside Weekday Education basically follows the school calendar for the Hoover School System with a few exceptions.

Virtual Tour of Lakeside Weekday –
a 5 minute video

We are having a great Summer Live and look forward to the 2022-23 school year that will begin in September.

About the Weekday Education Ministry

Lakeside Baptist Church Weekday Education Ministry exists to assist parents in the social, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development of their children.  It is our belief that a Christian environment enhances this developmental process.  Believing that all children are special in God’s eye, with individual personalities, our goal is to create an atmosphere in which each child will grow and learn to his or her full potential.  Our program is based on Christian theology and a sound educational philosophy.
We believe in love, laughter and learning at Lakeside by nurturing self-confidence through creative activities and exploration of the world around us.  We believe this is accomplished by offering exciting challenges for the children, with the least amount of pressure. It is our prayer that we are effective in supporting our parents through this ministry program, and that we will be a service to our community.  We are hopeful our parents will become a part of the Lakeside family and feel welcome to come to our church in times of crises.


The Lakeside Weekday Education program is a wonderful and caring place for children and families. We hope you will register with us.
Children who will be 6 months by September of the school year registering – 4K are welcome.
To register, use this link to fill out the on line registration form.  After processing the application, you will be sent an e-mail statement for the registration fee.


All of our classes use the Frog Street Press Curriculum.  It focuses on nurturing curiosity through exploration.  A variety of teaching strategies are used enabling all children to progress in their learning.  A variety of themes are used in each age group as a framework for learning.  We are actively teaching language development, cognitive development, social and emotional development, and physical development.

Toddlers through 4K participate in Bible classes twice a week.
Toddlers through 4K have music classes once a week.
4K, and five day 3K participate in enrichment once a week.
Middle Toddlers through 4K have PE once a week.

Summer Live

Summer Live 2022 will start registration on March 1ST.  Check back here for the registration link.
Summer Live will offer camp for those who are 15 months (by June) through completed 2nd grade (by May)  
Block 1
June 6-10 extra week
June 13-17
June 20-24
June 27-July 1
Block 2
July 11-15
July 18-22
July 25-29
Option 1 – 3-day camp
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Comes with an early care option from 7:30a.m. ($6.00 per session)
There is no late care option for the 3-day camp.
Cost is $230 per block for the first child, or $210 for any additional children.
$50.00 non-refundable registration fee
Option 2 – 5-day camp
9:00-3:00 daily
Comes with an early care option from 7:30a.m. ($6.00 per session)
Comes with a late care option till 4:30p.m. ($6.00 per session)
Cost is $360 per block for the first child, or $320 per block for any additional children.
If a child will use all the extended care for a 3-week block, parents can choose the discount package for $150 per block.
$50 non-refundable registration fee
Registrations will be processed in the order they were received.
After your registration is processed, a $50 registration fee will be added to your bill to be paid at your next billing cycle.  If you are new to our school, you will receive a statement.

Meet the Director


Director, Regina Howell Houser has a diverse background that will bring much to the program. She has a bachelors and a masters degree in Elementary Education and a Masters of Divinity from a Baptist seminary. She taught in public schools for nine years, taught and was a missionary in Guatemala for two years, and taught Spanish in a private school in Texas for 4 years. She served as a Camp Director for ten years as well. She would love to talk with you and minister to you in whatever way possible. To contact Regina you may call 205-313-2930 or by email

Assistant Director

Martha Mooneyhan

We welcome Martha Mooneyhan as Assistant Director.  She has worked at LBW since 2013 as a twos teacher and has other childcare experience before coming to Lakeside.  Martha has a ministry heart and a desire to minister to children and families.  She is a great resource for young mothers.  To contact Martha, you may call 205-313-2931


When does school start and what are the hours?
School starts the day after Labor Day. Normal programmed school hours are from 9:30-1:30. Extended hours are from 7:15 a.m. till 4:30 p.m.
How will I communicate with my child’s teacher?
Parents will find out the name of their child’s teacher in August. All teachers will use the Procare app to communicate with parents. There may also be a folder in backpacks that will go back and forth from home to school each day.
What supplies does my child need for school?
Toddlers to two year olds will need a clear back pack, large enough to carry a folder. We will have some for sale at the parent orientation. Each child, MDO and Kindergarten needs a change of clothes with his or her name clearly marked. 3K and 4K using late care needs a nap mat – should be all one piece – pillow/blanket/mat We recommend nap mats from Urban Infant. www.urbaninfant.com
What specials does Lakeside offer?
Toddlers – 4K will go to Bible and Music each week. Middle toddlers – 4K will have PE and five day 3K and 4K will have enrichment. All “after school” activities are suspended this school year. Groups are paid by you, but are housed at Lakeside. The opportunities for the current year are Tumblebus, Soccer Shots and Dance.
When will I receive my first bill?
You will receive your first bill at the end of June to be paid in July. It will be for your first supply fee. Supply fees are $15 per day registered. For example if your child comes 3 days a week, their supply fee will be $45. Supply fees are billed twice a year and will be billed again in January.
When is my first tuition due?
The first tuition is due August 1st. You should receive your statement the last week of July. Tuition is billed August through April (a month in advance). Tuition is due on the 1st day of the month. A late fee of $15.00 will be incurred after the 10th of the month.
When is parent orientation?
Parent / Student Orientation is typically 2 weeks before the start of school.
When can I sign up my child for extended care?
Forms will go out in August to sign up for extended care. The extended care registration fee is $20.00.
When will I receive my security card?
Security cards will be issued at the Parent Orientation, one per child. If you need extra or if you lose yours, the cost will be $10.00.
Do I have to have an immunization form for my child?
Yes, an original immunization form is required for your child to attend at Lakeside. These forms will be due at Parent Orientation, but you may turn them in before this time. No child should attend the first day without an immunization form.
What about lunch and snacks?
Children in the twos classes and older will be given a choice of 3 snacks for a late care snack and parents will be billed $0.50 per snack.Lakeside does not provide food service. Due to time and space, we do not heat or refrigerate any food, except for infants and toddlers. Parents will receive a lunch suggestion list from their child’s teacher at the parent orientation.
Is there anything available for the summer?
Summer Live will be 3 weeks in June and 3 weeks in July. Available for children 15 months (by June) – 6th grade.
Is Lakeside licensed?
No, Lakeside is not licensed with the state. However, we are checked by the county DHR yearly.