event Forms: consent & release / medical

Lakeside Baptist Church uses a digital Consent and Release agreement for all church sponsored events. We also use a digital Yearly Medical Authorization form to be filled out each year. You will be emailed a copy of the signed document for your records once submitted.

If a partner organization (e.g. Habitat for Humanity, Kids Camp, Winter Retreat, etc.) requires their own Consent and Release agreement, you will need to sign their form in addition to one for Lakeside Baptist Church.


Have I Already Completed A Consent & Release Agreement or Yearly Medical Authorization Form?
The best way to determine if you have a completed a Consent and Release agreement or a Yearly Medical Authorization Form is to check your email. A copy of your digitally completed agreement was emailed to you when you submitted the agreement. If you are unable to locate an agreement in your email, you can always complete a new agreement or you can contact the staff leader for your ministry and they can check for you.
When Do Yearly Medical Authorization Form Expire?
Each  Yearly Medical Authorization Form is valid until the expiration date contained on the form.
When Is A Consent & Release Agreement Necessary?
Lakeside Baptist Church requires participants to complete Consent and Release agreements in the following situations:

Activities involving demolition, renovation and/or construction
Activities involving potentially dangerous equipment, places or spaces
Off-campus mission trips/projects
Off-campus activities involving minors
Church-sponsored trips
Overnight events
Minors and volunteers participating in our preschool, children, and youth events.
Sports events